29 July – 11 August 2013
Format: Kindle

“An accident left Layla Matthews with no memory of her freshman year of college in Pittsburgh, and almost ten years later she returns to the city to solve the mystery of her own past. One clue leads her to Nathan Sinclair, the handsome, rude, and arrogant CEO of Sinclair Industries.

She doesn’t remember him, but oh, does he remember her. Apparently something went down between them her freshman year that made him harden his heart against her and all other women. Something he refuses to talk about, even after their unexpected reunion explodes into a passionate love affair. Can Layla solve the mystery of her past and become the owner of his heart?”

Wow, two books finished in one night!

Well, I certainly didn’t expect the sex scenes in this book, although I probably should have when looking at the cover. It was a good story, but it starts in exactly the same way as ‘Marriage by Mistake’ (I think) which I read earlier this year, (woman running into business man’s office, he falls for her etc).

I didn’t expect the twist though at the end, don’t worry I won’t spoil it! I thought the person behind telling Layla to leave was a specific main character, but I was wrong and didn’t expect it!

So my feelings about this book? It’s ok, but it’s very similar to other ebooks I have read recently.

Rating: 6/10

Next book: Fifty Shades of Alice In Wonderland by Melinda DuChamp

About Beckie

I'm a 21 year old music student, I play piano and I sing.

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